Express yourself in the Metaverse

Metaverse wearables by MetaWear

Creating Wearables


MetaWear is here to re-invet fashion. To go back to the core of fashion: To give people a way to express their Identity. At MetaWear we strive to create high quality wearables for people in the Metaverse. So that people can express themselves as they would do in the real world.

Program (Coming Soon)


MetaWear is here to discover, learn from our community and the people around us. Giving new and young artists a way to make their entry in the new fashion reality and this way kickstart their adventure into the Metaverse. MetaWear offers a grant for artists to develop and realize their 3d imagination into reality. 

NFT collection

(Coming Soon)


MetaWear is here to inspire and enjoy people. Our NFT project can be compared to a kickstart funding, which gives all MetaWear NFT certain benefits a long our growth. NFT holders continually receive exclusive club wearables which they can wear in Decentraland and future Metaverse. We aim to drop a collection every month exclusively and free for our NFT holders. 

Digital fashion for the Metaverse

At MetaWear we put our imagination into reality. Not in physical fashion, but only digital. We develop 3D fashion for consumers which they can wear in the Metaverse. From community input to implementation. As a company for the Metaverse, we envision a future where fashion is not limited to physical items and our digital identity is an extension of everyday life. MetaWear will be a leader in the digital fashion industry bringing people to a new reality. We are working on a company that is preparing for that opportunity.

Shotime Dress - MetaWear

Leading the fashion industry into the Metaverse

The mission of MetaWear is to bring the fashion industry to the Metaverse, a totally new sector, consisting only of 3d developed clothing. With our digital clothing, MetaWear returns to the core of fashion: A place where playful thoughts can be released to express our identity the way we really want. The fashion future we build is collaborative, creative, inclusive and sustainable. In digital fashion, people are not passive consumers, but creative agents who create their self-expression and define their virtual identity through digital clothing, without a negative environmental footprint.

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We’re in this for the long haul.

We’ve set up some goalposts for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.








Home of MetaWear unlocked, Start development of HQ & Metaverse store

First MetaWear party exclusive for members with several DJ's at our new store

First member exclusive wearable collection unlocked. Hair item, upper body, lower body, shoes and top head.

MetaWear Creator funding program goes live!

MetaWear wearable educational platform will start development

Start of the treasure hunt. Rewarding 10 community members with exclusive wearable collection and 2 ETH.

Start development of MetaWear interactive wearable VR/ AR platform for both business and particularly usages